Parents’ Code of Conduct

  1. To up-hold the name of Ashton on Mersey FC. at all times.
  2. To ensure that their child is available for training sessions & matches & to transport them to & from venues.
  3. To accept responsibility for their child at matches & tournaments.
  4. To respect Team Managers & coaches decisions.
  5. To accept & respect Refereeing decisions & other match officials.
  6. To respect the opposition.
  7. To encourage & applaud the children playing soccer – including the opposition!
  8. To practice the Club & League rules concerning Fair Play at all matches.
  9. To co-operate with & support the Team Managers & coaches.
  10. To refrain from coaching the players from the line in match situations.
  11. To demonstrate appropriate behaviour at all times i.e. at matches, training & when on official Club business.
  12. To keep the Club informed of any change of address or contact telephone numbers for safety reasons.
  13. To read the Club rules & observe the guidelines.
  14. To show support to the Club & it’s philosophies.

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